Notes on the Tunes

1.  The Moon and Seven Stars         
From Aird's Volume 1.   

2.  Air by Fingal   
I think this is an O'Carolan tune - not sure though.  You may find very slow versions of the tune online, but I like it at this pace.

3.  The High Reel
reels can be played really fast, but also at this kind of tempo.  The really tricky bit here is in the accompaniment.  The chord movement at the need of the parts will need attention.

4.  Eleanor Plunkett
A definite O'Carolan tune.  Loads of people have done this in all kinds of ways.  We had a very brief shot at it during a previous class.  Needs a lot of work to make it sound good.  

5.  Old Plantation Girls
An unusual tune from the Aird's collections.  It can sound very good played slowly - but then would need some more careful playing.  

6. The Baggpipe Tune
This is a tune that is said to be the oldest recorded (ie, printed) tune in Scotland.  It's really easy, but a tune like this needs a bit of spirit and energy to it.

7.  The Laird's Guid Brither
Another old tune from the early 18th century.  It may sit well with The Baggpipe Tune.  

8.  Muireann's Jig
A lovely tune from Niall Vallely.   Needs a lot of work to make it work.   

9.  The Laddie wi the Plaidie
My favourite Strathspey and suits mandolins down to the ground.  

The following tunes have been done in my earlier classes so many of you know them already.  They are quite easy and I've thropwn them in so we make sure that some of the tunes you try with me don't disappear from your repertoire.

10.  Bonaparte Crossing the Alps

11.  Bonaparte's Retreat

12.  Madame Bonaparte

13.  The Lady's Plaything

14.  The St Kilda Wedding