At an intermediate level you might want to take your playing to a new level by incorporating more advanced picking styles and more advanced chords, or by learning to accompany traditional tune players and generally learning to play along with other people, for instance, in a band.  
However, the guitar can be used as a more advanced instrument and is regarded by some as only second to the piano in its versatility and complexity.  More advanced players may want to learn to play tunes on the guitar, using a flat-picking style or a more complex picking style (similar to Tony McManus).  Also, the more advanced learner may want to use unusual guitar tunings to add a different colour to the accompanyment of songs (DADGAD, DGDGBE or D, and droped D - DADGBE).  Or, you may want to learn how to play or improvise solos over jazz or blues chor  - page from html link:
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