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I'll put links here to other people's work that interests me, including items suggested by my students and some of the pieces and songs that students want to learn.  I teach a fairly wide variety of music, so expect an eclectic mix and odd stuff.

 Damon Albarn's Dr Dee live sessionThis is about a certain Dr Dee, Elizabethan astrologer
and alchemist who was interested in everything.
 Guqin 古琴 Yuan Jung-ping  Lament of Departure on  Guqin
Night comes on, your high city disappears,
There's only the tangle of endless mountains.  
The notes and verse that accompany the video on
YouTube are worth a read.  Thanks to Liuying for this
 George Jones - White Lightning (1959)Thanks to Kenny for this song.  Kenny and I always
enjoy singing this one.
 Dancing the Kerry Polka -Co. Kerry Ireland.
Irish set dancing - now very popular with all age groups.
 Dervish:  Snorin' Biddy (live) Great Irish band - funny song.
 Hannah Tuulikki  - 'Songthrush'

 Hanna Tulikki - Away with the Birds

 Hanna Tuulikki's Soundcloud page
 Performed under a bridge over the Kelvin, Glasgow, November 2012.
 Tuulikki's work is generally astonishing and fascinating.

Away with the Birds was performed at the Tectonics Festival in
Glasgow in May and was on e of the best things I've experienced
in years.  This is her webpage.  Scroll down and you'll find a
video clip and a more extended audio file. 

Loaded with gems.  Note especially the track: 
Air falbh leis na h-eòin | Away with the Birds 
LIVE early performance 

Preparation for the performance at the Tectonics festival

 Michael Duchesne - Girl of my Soul

I've posted this one because it is a great example of the pick and slap
style of guitar playing.  This is a right-hand technique which uses
combines picking chords, using a bass line and adding a slap or beat.
It's a great way to accompany songs.Great song, great jazz and great
singer too.
 The Bonny Bunch of Roses   sung by Colm Walsh 1965Lovely rendition of one of our greatest songs.
 Flook - Wrong Foot Forward

The Road to Errogie

Flook - Jigs

My favourite Irish instrumental band - although I think they're all from
the Manchester area.  Play loud!
 Donal Lunny & Michael McGoldrick
A clip from the formation of Ciorras.  Lunny is the  most influential musician
in Ireland.  This is one for the bouzouki players - but McGoldrick is just 
another genius in the this excellent pairing.  They are preparing for
a concert.
 Attab Haddad Ensemble3 x tracks from this interesting composer.  From an Iraqi family but
raised in London this superb oud player mixes some very jazzy sounds
with traditional middle eastern tradition.  
 Nic Jones - The Blind Harper  A great English folk song by my  second favourite English folk singer -
my favourite is Vin Garbutt.  Note the slap style here. 

 Dónal Lunny & Michael McGoldrick -

 Unique video of two of Ireland's greatest musicians having a wee tune in preparation for a band rehearsal.
 Wake me up!  by AvichiiDon't know who this man is or anything about this track, but Stevie, one of my students wanted to learn it.  I like it.  Very simple but great mix of electronics and filters along with a fairly traditional acoustic guitar sound.  

Cara Dillon Live @ Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann 2013, Derry

And More - Here
And More - Here

 I was at the Fleadh this year.  Excellent.  This is a live performance, although the festival is about competitions rather than the concerts.
Ceird an Cheoil, Basúcaí, Bouzouki,

 TV programme about the bouzouki.  
 Mari Green sings Lullaby of Birdland

My youngest student sings her heart out.  She can play this on the guitar too - which she learns from yours truly.