The Mandolin

The mandolin is a great instrument and is very versatile and can give you quick results.  But it can also be played to a very advanced level.  It just depends on what you want out of it.  I can give lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced players.

If you're a beginner you might want to start off playing chords or easy tunes, gradually stepping up to learning how to play basic jigs and reels, or blues and American styles. Advanced players may want to learn more complex melodies, unusual time signatures, and keys, and may even want to learn how to improvise on rhythms and chord sequences.

If you learn Irish and Scottish mandolins styles with me you will have access to audio files along with the notation.  You can choose from different levels of structured courses I have prepared for these particular styles.

If you are just beginning with the mandolin be assured that it's not too difficult to produce some really nice sounds in a very short time. One day you might even find yourself joining one of the growing numbers of mandolin bands.


Mandolin Lessons:

  • The Complete Beginners Mandolin Course 
  • The Celtic Mandolin - a course at three levels. 
  • Intermediate/Advanced Mandolin Tunes -Irish/Scottish/American
  • Tunes from Planet Earth - travel the world
  • Blues/Jazz/Ragtime/Improvising