Four Sampler Tracks (so far)
Here are some samples of my work. If you are a beginner it may seem as if I have chose material that seems very difficult.  Don't let that put you off: I am very happy to take learners right from the start.  This material is just to show you that you can be confident in my ability. 

Finger Picking Styles
Here are some clips of some of my solo guitar playing (with some stuff like drums added in some cases).  These are quite fancy styles and take a bit of time to learn.  If you have bought a music book but are finding it difficult to work through I should be able to help you make some progress.

Community Education Band
Here is a selection from a large community orchestra that I directed in the 90s.  I have tutored numerous mixed instrument classess over the years but this was the biggest group.  I'll post some tracks on the 'free mp3s'.

Exotic Sampler
Here are some snippets of me playing various unusual instruments in various settings, some live, some home-recorded.
Bottleneck guitar
Gu geng (Chinese table harp)
Hammer Dulcimer (this one built in Glasgow in the 1920s)
mandolin  (played Irish style)
11 x string guitar (borrowed)
Oud (solo on bass riff)
Cuatro (10 string instrument from South America)
Tenor banjo (played bluesy style)
Electric Guitar
8 x string (home made thing out of an old Spanish guitar)
6 string steel string guitar (a right good live session thrashing)

Jazz on A Spanish Guitar
Some wee bits I found around my drive of me playing jazz on my spanish guitar - might post some more full pieces on the free mp3 page - this is all I could find for now.