Please read the notes below carefully before booking

            Current fees Per Hour (50mins minimum): 

    • basic weekly £20.00 (one-hour session)
    • bi-weekly £25.00 (one-hour session)
    • bi-weekly   £40.00 (two-hour session)
'basic weekly' here refers to those wishing to take fairly regular weekly lessons (there is some flexibility here for holidays, other appointments, etc).  However, it is also possible to take lessons on a bi-weekly basis.  This can suit some people but is more expensive as it would take up a bi-weekly slot that might otherwise be difficult for me to fill - although I do always make sure my students have enough work to keep them busy for the two week gap. 



- You will need to book for blocks of four sessions.  
When we have agreed on these dates (usually consecutive weeks but not always) I will supply you with a note of the dates and times.  It is possible to negotiate more flexible times where students work patterns are complicated, such as for shift workers (I already work with several shift workers).

Missing a Lesson

Please note that when you book a series of 4 lessons it is the same as if you were registering for a course at a school or college. 
- If you cancel a lesson with less than 48 hours hours notice I will have to charge you the full rate for that time.  
- Cancellation within five days notice will cost half of the lesson fee (£10/£12.50).  

I would ask you to be fair about this and consider the cost/time losses incurred by me should you find it necessary to cancel your lesson after the dates have been agreed.  


I reserve some of my available working hours for those eligible for concessions.  Concessions apply to anyone facing particular financial hardship, such as those trying to get by on very low incomes (for example, Job Seekers Allowance, Employment Support Allowance, or the basic state pension).  I will be happy to discuss this with you should you be unable to pay the full rate.   £15 is still a lot for people on very low incomes, so even that is negotiable.  If you have a friend who would share a lesson that might save you even more - and learning along with someone else is a good way to make progress.

Resources and Licensing

Any materials issued to you during the lessons, including sheet music and audio files, are copyright property of clachanmusic.  
You are only licensed to use these for your personal use.  Please do not distribute these freely to other people or publish them on the Internet (even if you are giving them away for free).  I charge very modest rates for my lessons and I often prepare resources to meet the particular needs or interests of my students.