Learners start at different levels.  Many bring skills with them and are confident of their abilities and have high expectations of what they will achieve.  However, others lack confidence in their own potential.  From my experience over the years I think can help you put your hopes and expectations into perspective.  Through your lessons with me you will see real and manageable progress.  I will ensure that you are not pushed too hard nor left unchallenged.  Perhaps, a glance at the 'about me' page (see link above) will assure you of my ability help you make progress in your learning.
Obviously, I can't guarantee that you will turn out to be a musical genius, but my teaching experience tells me that you will become more confident and comfortable with your instrument - and, again in my experience, increased confidence gives rise to increased progress and success. 

The approach I use will not be like school (although if you are that type of learner then it will be).  All learners are different and it is important to take account of this when making an assessment of where to go.
During your first lesson, with your agreement, I will be able to work out:
  • what it is that you want to learn
  • what you can do already
  • what is a suitable pace for you and
  • what I can do for you over the coming weeks and months
....... and not a test in sight!

Notation and other Technology
Although it can be pretty handy to be able to read music from the paper, it is not absolutely necessary.  In fact, many people believe that learning without paper (by ear) is the best way to make progress on an instrument.  What do I think?  I think you should use what you can and what suits you and whatever works for you - and if you don't like using music that's just fine.  I will always make sheet music available where possible, but these days new technology can sometimes offer even better ways to learn.  For instance, during a lesson a learner could make a quick video of the teacher playing a piece and the learner can use that as a very effective aid to practising at home.  Where appropriate I will post tutorial resources at