Music Tuition in North Edinburgh - for all Levels - and for all Ages!

Lessons in Mandolin, Guitar, Bouzouki and More - Online folders and audio practice files included!



Jigs and Reels
 Rags and Rants
 Jazz and Blues
 Scottish and Irish
 Country and World 
 Pickin' and  Strummin

......and more!


Country styles including 
ragtime picking, slide guitar 
blues, basic to advanced strumming techniques and 
flat-picking American style.

Songwriting in a variety of 
styles (English teacher)


Learn to accompany music from these islands and beyond.  GDAE and GDAD tunings taught

Tuition samples in Easy Irish Mandolin

Tunes and audio files I use to help you learn 

Tuition samples in Intermediate Celtic Mandolin 

Some more challenging styles you can learn.