The guitar is played by millions of people, and for one very good reason: it's pretty easy to get results. Just learn a few chords and off you go!  

The Complete Beginner 

If you are a complete beginner I can take you from your very first steps right up to an advanced level.

You might be interested in learning the basics of accompanying songs, strumming chords and using a plectrum,  or you may prefer to use the finger-picking style of your favourite singers.  These techniques can be applied to nearly any form of popular music including, country, folk, pop and rock and they are used by just about every indie, singer-song-writer you can think of.  So, don't worry if you have only just started learning - it’s not as difficult as it seems.

Intermediate Level

If you're already playing at an intermediate level you might want to take your playing to a new level by incorporating more advanced picking styles and more advanced chords.  You might want to develop some styles used to accompany traditional Irish, Scottish and American tune players with a view to playing along with other people in a band.  These can be technically more challenging but I have a good deal of experience in using them.

The Advanced Student

Many musicians regard the guitar as second only to the piano in its versatility and it can be used as a very advanced instrument.  If you are already a fairly skilled player you may want to learn to play Celtic or American tunes on the guitar using complex techniques, such as flat-picking or finger-picking styles; you may want to use unusual guitar tunings to add a different colour to the accompaniment of songs (DADGAD, DGDGBE, DGDGBD and DADGBE); you may want to learn how to play - or improvise solos over - jazz or blues chords. 

I can give lessons in jazz classics, swing guitar, rhythm and solo playing, essential electric guitar blues, rock and African styles.  I also have experience in other interesting styles such as, for instance, Leo Kottke's 12 string picking, jazz improvisation or south American bossa nova guitar. If you want to play a particular style and maybe have a book you want to learn from, feel free to bring that along and we can use it as the basis for your lessons.


      Guitar Lessons in:

  Country music styles; accompanying singing; playing solos; country picking.

  Accompany yourself in DADGAD: make great sounds with this easy open tuning.

  Accompany Traditional Irish and Scottish Music  in DADGAD, DADGBE or EADGBE

  Essential Jazz Primer: standards for beginners to intermediate levels

Finger picking guitar styles, Ragtime, Blues, Celtic


I have lots of experience with singer songwriters, both in teaching and performance.  If you are struggling with your work I can offer you support and development. You might want to improve the presentation of your own songs and I can help you with that.  You can improve your guitar playing and get help with lyrics from an experienced English graduate and teacher.

"I had around six months of lessons with John after being ‘stuck’ with my self-taught guitar playing for years. I wish I had gone to him sooner! I felt constantly supported and understood. He really listened to what I wanted to achieve through my lessons and encouraged me to do so. John helped me to realise me capability and made learning difficult things seem much easier. My confidence grew from day one, and I learned things I thought I was years away from learning. I also recently performed my first solo gig, which I couldn't have done without John's lessons. Thank you!"

Samantha 2013