free music

Various free tracks will appear here - when I get time.    There will be some standard Irish and Scottish mandolin tunes but there will also be music using instruments from the mandolin family including the South American ‘cuatro’, an invented 8 string instrument of my own, the tenor banjo, the bouzouki, - and even the guitar.  I’ll add a few notes.   

On most devices the audio files will play automatically when clicked.  It is also possible to right-click and save to your  PC/Mac.  Get a free Dropbox account - makes things very easy.


 Here is a sample live from this nearly 30 strong class, that great Irish march, Lord Mayo.  Lovely bunch of people from all over Europe - and really great readers.  We only had about 20 minutes to rustle this up and I think it sounds pretty good.
And here's an extra freebie for your efforts.   The audio file is only a practice file and is a bit 'cold' but is very good for practice purposes.  The PDF has all the notation so if you try it with a small group or class I'd love to hear your efforts.  We will be trying this tune during the next term of 'A Phew Silvery Tunes' (see above).

This was recorded in the basement of a church hall in Edinburgh in the 90s.  About 35 people playing - all in one take.  
I made up this jig (and the one below) in Germany during the summer after a very pleasant time spent in the company of the Kleins and Berhards. I am currently using them with my guitar class, thus the guitar tab on the notation sheet.
Fine people - always welcome here in Glasgow
The Slochd is an eerie place on the A9 just south of Inverness.  A rainy night after a walk on hill.  The rain and car noises are from that very  spot, that very night - for what it’s worth.
More unusual things.  This solo blues, one take jam on an Irish tune is played on a South American instrument, the ‘cuatro’.  The style takes more from west african improvisation than bossa nova.   Note: it’s quite a big file for an mp3. 
A wee tune of my own and is unusual in that it includes a little improvisation in a middle section.   This is an improved mix - not so harsh.  
This is a lovely tune written by Nigel Gatherer.  Nigel asked me if I could write the chords for it but I got carried away and recorded this practice track for him.  You can get more details, including the notation, chords and mandolin tab by clicking here: Nigel Gatherer’s Tune of the Month
This one was discussed on  It’s an old recording - a bit rough and only played once.