The Bouzouki

The bouzouki, originally a Greek instrument, has become very popular on the folk scene.  

However, many learners become confused by the variety of instruments and tunings that exist, from mandolas and citterns, to the Irish GDAD tuning or the normal fiddle/banjo tuning, GDAE.  However, these matters are easy to explain and within  a couple of lessons you can get down to playing some real music.  

It is possible to get great results from a bouzouki.  I will be able to help you with everything from the development of effective right hand (plectrum) technique to learning to use a variety of styles and techniques for accompanying the different styles of tunes that are played in our traditional music.  These styles bring a great deal more colour to the sound of the instrument and are unique to the bouzouki.

It is also fine to use this kind of instrument for strumming chords as accompaniment to tune players or singers.   The bouzouki played can produce a unique and rich texture that is great for the sole or group performer.