Glasgow Fiddle Workshop - Beginners Guitar Class

I'll post any links for the class here.  Bookmark this page - it won't be available through my main site.  The most recent postings will be at the top.

2 Dec
Sorry folks - having serious trouble with my skydrive which appears to have changed all the links to the files I had here.  I hope you all kept a copy.  If I had the time it would take me a week to replace all the links I made.  I

25 Nov

Here's Bonnie George Campbell in A - and G.  Don't bother about the G version.   We will have a look at that next week.

Here's a good copy of the Fancy Chords.  

And here a good version of the Bm and F#m chords.  Don't worry about printing as I will bring copies on Monday.

11 Nov

Strumming - this is useful - sorry haven't had time to put up links to the worksheet - get it on Monday.

My love is like a red red rose;  Two audio files, one slow and one faster

4 Nov

Here are links to two revised versions of My love is like a Red Red Rose.  Two levels of difficulty.  We will do these next week.

Also, here is my effort at the chords for  'Cod liver oil and the orange juice' by Hamish Imlach
I found a few arguments going on on forums  as to the correct chords and as you can see from the video HERE its' not that east to work out what's going on.  I think this version is about right, but it's not as simple a sequence as you might think.


28 October

First picking Sequences 1 the worksheet.

First picking Sequences 1 - audio files 

21 October

Movin' Day - various versions available.  The original is a Charlie Poole song from the 1930s - HERE.  The version we're using has more chords.  I was surprised to see Louden Wainright had done a version.  Here's a link to his lyrics.  HERE
Here's a link to an updated version that we will use - HERE.  Looks like the mother in law bit appeared in the Yorkshire version.  I've gone back to a line from the original.  I'll make copies of it for next week.  

Folsome Prison - extra bass notes for country style guitar
Here are 9 x audio files and a worksheet.  This will give you some idea of how the bass note thing works.  I havn't put in the 'ching' (strum on the chord) on the TAB or the notation - would have looked too cluttered. Just  be aware that the notes on the sheet only represent the bass notes played, not the strum.  If you don't get it don't worry, I'll go through the worksheet with you again next week.
Here are the files - HERE 

7 October

Folsom Prison Blues          THE CHORDS

Here are links to the music sheet versions of the song in E, A and G.  Use the ones you have been learning during your lessons   You can play along with the faster versions even if you haven't quite got the rockin' base yet.  It's the chord changes that are the important things here.

Play-along files to download  - note the keys

1.  G folsome prison  slow basic

Rockin bass strumming G to C  -  a video example of the rockin bass
folsome prison blues in A - oh and the music in A is above for you to use along with this if you want.  Always useful to try a song in a few keys.

10 September

Here's a link to the audio files that will help you practice the chord progression we did on Monday.  They are just the same sequence but at different speeds.  I won't be able to supply this kind of thing every week, but this type of play-along exercise can be very useful when you start learning guitar.

The files will download to your computer when you click on them.  Then play them from your hard drive,  You can try to play them in your browser by right-clicking and choosing something like 'open in a new tab' (or something similar, depending on your browser.  This sometimes works.