TUNES Two Irish Polkas

Irish Polkas  - this links to a page that includes two polkas , Peg Ryan's and Bill Sullivan's (thanks to Nigel Gatherer for the notation).

There is a tendency in Scotland is to play these tunes, but that is not really the way they should be played.  There is a 'bounce' and energy to this Kerry style of playing.  It's not about speed - although they are played quite fast. 

Here's a youtube example:   Irish Polka Set-The Doraheen Set (80's)

This is a good style, persistent and driving.  Maybe a bit stiff.  Something rougher, even a bit reckless can really 
push the tune on. Note the banjo players style.  He uses lots of 1/4 notes, not just sticking to the bare notes 
of the tune

Basic Version - audio files to play along with

Note: these versions don't have the dotted notes in!  This is the same tune played at three different speeds.