TUNE SET Nigel's Polkas

Here are the links to one of Nigel's Gatherer's sets of polkas (with permission).  They are Irish polkas and Nigel has put them into notation, tablature and even midi file formats.

There is a tendency in Scotland is to play these tunes, but that is not really the way they should be played.  There is a 'bounce' and energy to this Kerry style of playing.  It's not about speed - although they are played quite fast. 

Here's a youtube example:   Irish Polka Set-The Doraheen Set (80's)

This is a good style, persistent and driving.  Maybe a bit stiff.  Something rougher a bit reckless can really 
push the tune on. Note the banjo players style.  He uses lots of 1/4 notes, not just sticking to the bare notes 
of the tune

 Note that Nigel's midi files are designed for beginners/learners and are very slow.

Here are the links: