TUNE Langstrom's Pony

This is a very good four-part tune and will help you to get to grips with playing jigs. 

Langstrom's Pony - Here is a clean page of the tune we are learning.  This is exactly the same version of the tune as is played on the tracks below.  Thanks to www.thesession.org for the notation - go there for nearly any tune you want.

Note that this version doesn't use triplets or grace notes of any description - we'll get to that.  Use this one to get a swing into your playing, making sure to use the DUDDU picking pattern (use the mandolin pattern exercises to help you with this).

Audio Files

Here are some audio files of the tune.  Speed indicated by Beats Per Minute (BPM) on each file.   There is a bodhran playing with the track - should help you get into the swing of playing the tune.