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DADGAD Chords 01

Tuning in DADGAD  (NOTE: better version available as PDF below)

Here is a diagram that shows how to re-tune your guitar to DADGAD.

Normal Guitar Tuning E    
DADGAD Tuning 

You can see from this that only three strings need to be re-tuned; the low E, the B and the high E.  These three strings are lowered (loosen the string) by one full tone.  When you get used to it you can cahnge it quite 


Here are some very simple chords for DADGAD tuning.  Many DADGAD chords sound good because they have additional notes in them.  They are not like the usual chords we play on the guitar.

One-finger Chords

               D major                               A major                               G major                                  G (nearly)

Two-finger Chords


Here is a diagram showing how to add some decorations to DADGAD.

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