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Celtic Drumming - to play along with

Here are some percussion rhythms* ready for you to play along with. I will add more rhythms soon.  I will advise you during your lessons as to how to play along with them. 

Here are some beats for reels.  Good fun to just get into these rhythms and plonk a reel on top.

Here is a 6/8 beat on a celtic drum.  This is a tricky rhythm for many people.  Note that, although the bar beat lenth is 6/8, the count in is still a count of four.  These four beats fall on the 1st and 4th beat of each of the 6 beats in the bar.  It's just the convention that we use a count of four to start up a 6/8 rhythm. Use the four intro' beats as markers for your foot tapping.  Don't try to tap 6/8 as you will need new knee and hip joint within a few days!


*Please note that these drums are licensed.  They are only supplied here for purposes relating to lessons with my students.  You must not use them for any other purpose.