the bonaparte collection

Some of these are Word documents and include the notation for all the tunes (find the Word copy attaced below).  I will post additional tunes relating to the Bonaparte theme as I find them.  Please feel free to point me towards any interesting and related links you find.

Bonaparte First Selection (Word)

Bonaparte Crossing the Alps - the first version here is Irish, a march at a reasonable pace.

Bonaparte Crossing the Alps 2 - this is a simple version of a different tune by the same name. It is supposed to be Scottish.  It was used in the song The Hot Ashfelt.

Madame Bonaparte - hornpipe or slow reel - Irish but played all over the place in different styles.  probably the trickiest tune here

Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine - This is widely played in the USA, but is also known as a march or hornpipe, and there is a Scottish Caledonian March form 1837.

Bonaparte's Retreat - an American version, played like a laid-back reel even though it feels like a march to us.


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