Managing Partner Program

What if you could own this business without any risk?


Our Managing Partner program is a first-of-its-kind that gives entrepreneurs an unparalleled opportunity to build a successful business without any risk. Our unique financing model is specially designed to provide not only capital, but a highly successful partner with whom to develop a profitable business.


What if you could test the waters without diving in?


With CKVC, Managing Partners can walk away with a full refund of their investment for an entire year. We want you to enjoy what you do. If, for any reason, you want out of a business during the first year, we’ll buy you out, no questions asked.


With a flat investment of 20% (or less), you’ll be able to assume a managerial role in a promising company, with a base salary and a share of profits! For the first year, you’ll have the option to walk away at any time with a full refund. However, if you stick around, you can increase your equity to 50% in less than five years without investing any more of your savings into the company. After five years, you’ll have the option to purchase the successful company outright.


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