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                       ABOUT US 

CK&T Co., Ltd is consider as once of the leading enterprise in manufacturing and exporting directly to oversea markets as Korea, Japan, Denmark, France, Autralia…

Located at well-known traditional ceramics region as Battrang village, our products, that are handmade and industrial art articles and tablewares for home and garden such as dinnersets, tea-sets, crack-glazed items, vases, statues, lamp-stands, flower-pots…with various designs are being interested by many customers from different markets. Once important thing would be able color, quality, design, shape…Using CK&T product will give you best choice for home and garden decoration.

We are willing and sincerely wish to establish trade relation and cooperation with all business partners for a long time.

For futher details information, please contact:

CK&T Co., Ltd

Headoffice: 18 Hang Chuoi, Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi,     Viet Nam

    Tel: 84.04.9721776 / 9721777

    Fax: 84.04.9721775



Workshop:  Xóm  I, Bát Tràng, Gia  Lâm, Hà Nội

    Tel/Fax: 84.4.8740136 


Shrank glaze

Crack glaze


Celadon glaze