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JNU opens 'Priya Korea' Club

posted Jan 19, 2016, 12:44 AM by CKS JNU

With the growing relationship with Korea, Centre for Korean Studies (CKS), School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University in association of the Embassy of Republic of Korea has initiated a unique forum ‘Priya Korea Club’ with an aim to bring together all those who are interested in learning about Korea’s dynamic language, literature and culture.  
President of PKC, Dr. Ravikesh welcoming the Ambassador of ROK, Cho Hyun
The CKS hold an inaugural function in the presence of eminent scholars and dignitaries from academia, Korean conglomerates and Embassy. The function began with its first Ambassadorial lecture by H.E.Mr. Hyun Cho who elaborated on the historical and cultural relation between the two countries. He underlined the need for both the sides to actively engage in the emerging areas including culture, economics, politics, defence and IT. He also mentioned about the current South Korean President Park’s three principles towards achieving the Korean Dream of a peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula and hoped that India could play an important role towards achieving peace and tranquillity in the region. The event was also attended by Indian students learning Korean from JNU, Korean Culture Centre, Jharkhand University and others having interest about Korea. 
Launching of Priya Korea Logo

On this occasion, ‘Priya Korea Club’ was inaugurated by the Ambassador as he signed in as the first member of the club. Dr. Ravikesh was (Chairperson of Centre for Korean Stduies, JNU) was elected as the first President of the Club  while Prof. Vyjayanti Raghavan as Co-Prsesident, Dr. Jitendra Uttam as Vice-president, Dr. Sandeep Mishra, Dr. Neerja Samajdar, Mr. Kaushal Kumar and Mr. Satyanshu Srivastava as Secretary. During the felicitation ceremony, the Ambassador  hoped the forum will provide a big opportunity for the Indians to associate themselves with Korea and help foster the bilateral relationship. Dr. Ravikesh,  the President said “this unique platform will help all those who have been engaged with Korea and its dynamic culture, to participate in the events that we plan to organize in the future and be able to share  their experience, skills and feel a sense of belonging and close affinity with Korea. There will  also be an opportunity for those who are based in the other cities than Delhi to connect to Korea  through online activities too.”  
JNU students performing Korean Fan Dance

After cultural program, participants got the taste of authentic Korean food followed by events like Korean Calligraphy, poetry composition competition, Handwriting and vocabulary competition which provided a chance to win prizes to the students learning Korean language from various institutions throughout India. The students were seen to participate enthusiastically in great numbers in all the programs. 
The love and affection that the Korean culture has managed to gather for itself in the recent  years could be seen among the more than 300 cheering students. It was a day dedicated to Korean cultural performances that showcased traditional arts such as the Fan dance, the Samulnori percussion performance and Taekwondo. The hall resounded with applauses for the two K-Pop performances by the 
students of Korean Culture Centre followed by a popular drama titled ‘The Wedding Day’ perfomed by the JNU students. The winners for the various competitions were awarded by Dr. Ravikesh, Prseident, Dr. Vyjayanti Raghavan, Co-President and Dr. Jeetendra Uttam,Vice-President of the club.

Educators Meet to discuss Strategies for Korean Language Education in India

posted Feb 24, 2014, 11:14 PM by CKS JNU   [ updated Feb 24, 2014, 11:21 PM ]

The 22nd February 2014
The 8th AKLEI Seminar, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi 

Educators Meet to discuss Strategies for Korean Language Education in India 


The Association of Korean Language Educators in India (AKLEI) recently concluded its ‘International Korean Language Educators’ Seminar 2014’, sponsored by the Korea Foundation and Seoul National University. The seminar was held at Convention Centre, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi from 21st ~ 22nd February, 2014. The theme for this year’s seminar was ‘Strategic Approach to Korean Language Education in India’. The sessions that were spread out for two days witnessed presentations from many International and National scholars. 

Prof. Vyjayanti Raghavan, Chairperson of Centre for Korean Studies, JNU and Co-president of AKLEI welcomed the guests and the participants while Prof. Kim Do-young, Dept. of East Asian Studies, DU and President of AKLEI presented his introductory speech on AKLEI and the seminar. The dean of School of Language Literature and Culture Studies JNU, Prof. M.A. Islahi appreciated the association’s efforts while emphasizing on the importance of foreign language acquisition.  

Minister Tae-in Chung, from the Embassy of Republic of Korea, inaugurated the seminar and delivered his congratulatory speech. He emphasized on the importance of increasing people’s knowledge and understanding about Korea, its rich history and culture through the promotion of Korean Language in India. The Minister also applauded AKLEI’s strenuous efforts in this regard and wished the seminar a great success. 

The Director of the Korean Culture Centre, Mr. Kim Kum-pyoung, in his address, congratulated the Association for successfully organizing conferences and workshops andpromoting the Korean language in Indiafor the past 8 years. He added that there has been an increase in the number of Korean language aspirants due to the recent popularity of Korean culture, which has been reflected in the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) exam. He also assured the support from the Korean Culture Centre and The King Sejong Institute in the promotion of Korean studies in India. 

The Key Note Address was delivered by Prof. Kim Jong Cheol from Seoul National University, who discussed the ‘Cannonical Works of the KoreanPre-modern Novels and Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language’. The presentation attracted a lot of interest from the participants on the issue of Literature as a tool for Korean language education. 

The two day Seminar witnessed presentations on wide range of strategies and methodologies for an effective Korean Language Education environment in India. This included Task-based language teaching, Culture-based language teaching, utilizing Literature and popular culture as tools, strategies for material development and need for effective and sustainable evaluation system for Korean Language. Prof. P.A. George (JNU) shared his experience of Task-based Debacussion (Debate and Discussion) strategy for Japanese Studies. A considerable amount of papers presented during the seminar focused on Korean Grammar Education and a need for student-centric approach in deciding the strategies and methodologies. 

The seminar also addressed problems and challenges that many universities are facing for the smooth and successful running of Korean language programmes. The AKLEI led by ProfessorKim Do- young committed itself in dealing with the issues. The Seminar concluded with an open discussion session and distribution of certificates to the participants. The vote of thanks was delivered by Dr. Ravikesh (JNU) to the guests, participants and sponsors. 

The participants included Prof. Kim Jong Cheol (Seoul National University), Prof. VyjayantiRaghavan (JNU), Prof. D. Y. Kim(DU), Prof. P.A.George (JNU), Dr. Ravikesh (JNU), Dr. Kim Young-Soon (DU), Dr. NeerjaSamajdar (JNU), Dr. Lee Hyun Kyung (JNU), Mr. Kaushal Kumar (JNU), Ms. Salna Sunny (EFLU, Hyderabad), Mr. Paresh Kumar (DU), Mr. Satyanshu Srivastava (JNU), Ms. A. Romita Devi (Manipur University), Mr. MukeshJaiswal (Central Univ. of Jharkhand), Mr. Shashi Mishra (Central Univ. of Jharkhand), Ms. Myeong E Lee (JNU), Ms. Hema (DU), Ms. Priti (DU), Ms. Saba Saleem (DU), and Ms. Kim Hyejin, Ms. Yu Minae (Seoul National University).The Seminar was sponsored by Korea Foundation, Korean Language Education Research Institute and Mirae N.
AKELI was established in 2007 by the joint efforts of Prof. D.Y. Kim, Prof. Vyjyanti Raghavan, Dr. Ravikesh and Dr. Kim Young-soon among others. The Association aims at organizing National and International Seminars and workshops to systematize and develop Korean Language Education in India. It also provides a platform to the Korean language educators to share and discuss their experiences focusing on an overall development of Korean language education in the country. Over the years, the association has witnessed a great increase in the number of participating universities and institutes.  

The writer, Mr. Satyanshu Srivastava is an Assistant Professor at the Centre for Korean Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and can be contacted at

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