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Swimming Pool & Shelter Rental

CKRD has just the answer to accommodate any size group. The whole pool facility is available to rent with all the amenities that the pool has to offer. Are you looking for a different place to hold your office party? Experience the wonderful setting of eating a delicious catered meal around the beautiful shimmering pool water! What a great place to hold your wedding reception, family reunion, birthday party, church get together, the possibilities are endless! Our staff is eager to please, so call or stop by and reserve your special event now!

Sunday - Thursday       7:00 pm up to 11:00 pm
Friday & Saturday         7:00 pm up to 12:00 am

3 - Hour Party = $450 / 4 - Hour Party = $575 / 5 - Hour Party = $700

Reservation Fee: $50.00 - (Due at time of reservation in order to guarantee date and time. Parties may reschedule their party due to inclement weather.)


Rates for anyone who uses the swimming pool are $3.00 per person with a shelter rental or a group of twenty (20) people or more.

Our largest wooden shelter (40'x44') has 18 picnic  tables underneath.  The entire shelter can be rented for $150 or the shelter can be rented in thirds which is 6 picnic tables for $50. Groups have the choice to rent one third (1/3) of this shelter, two-thirds (2/3) or the entire shelter for your party.

Click Here For Calendar To See If Wooden Shelter Is Available

Entire Wooden Pool Shelter Rental - (144 People - 18 Picnic Tables - $150.00)

South Area 1/3 Shelter Rental - 6 Picnic Tables (48 People) - $50.00

Middle Area 1/3 Shelter Rental - 6 Picnic Tables (48 People) - $50.00

North Area 1/3 Shelter Rental - 6 Picnic Tables (48 People) - $50.00

Snack Bar Pool Shelter (15'x30') - (20+ People) - $ 50.00

2 - Small Pool Shelters (10'x20') - (1-10 People) -  $ 25.00
 - South Shelter at South End of the Pool
 - East Shelter at the Bottom of the Water Slide


NW Playground Park Shelter  &  Tennis Pavilion Shelter                      $ 25.00