Frequently Asked Questions & District Map

Q. Do I need to be a resident of Columbine Knolls in order to use your facilities?

A. No. All of our programs are open to anyone to join or use any of our facilities. To use the swimming pool you can pay a daily use fee, purchase a 10 punch card or purchase a summer membership. Anyone who lives outside of the Columbine Knolls area will be charged a non-resident rate. Residents are a assessed a mill levy fee on their property that helps support the district so they are charged the "Resident" rate.

Q. How do I know if I am a resident of Columbine Knolls Recreation District or not?

A. Columbine Knolls Recreation District is a L-shaped special district government. The borders are Coal Mine Ave. on the north, Pierce Street on the west, Ken Caryl Ave on the south. The eastern boundaries are Sheridan Court to W. Rowland Pl. to S. Kendall Blvd that also include the cul-de-sac’s of S. Harlan Ct. and W. Coal Mine Pl. Please view the district map below. You may also download the map, below by clicking on the down arrow on the right to see if your residence is inside the red boundary lines. If you have questions, please call CKRD or you can also check your property tax statement to see if you are a Columbine Knolls district resident.

Q. Is Columbine Knolls Recreation District the same as the Columbine Knolls Homeowner’s Association?

A. No. Columbine Knolls Recreation District is a special district that is a local government entity. CKRD is supported by property tax dollars and is governed by an elected board. The Columbine Homeowners Association is supported by voluntary yearly dues and is governed by a volunteer board. The Homeowners Association is not a government entity.

Link to the Columbine Knolls HOA

Q. Why can’t we stay on the pool deck between 11:00 am and 12:00 noon on weekdays after the swim lesson program?

A. We use this time to clean the pool area, allow lifeguards to get lunch and add chemicals to the pool in order to prepare for open swim. Some lifeguards give private swim lessons during this time and they are providing water safety on a one-on-one basis. No other lifeguards are on duty during this time to watch the whole pool area to ensure everyone’s safety.

Q. What happens when there is lightning in the area and I paid a daily fee to swim?

A. Lightning creates a difficult situation for everyone. It is frustrating for both the patrons and the pool staff. Our number one priority is keeping everyone safe! We are also very sympathetic and well aware that our patrons have paid money to swim. If our lifeguards see lightening or hear thunder in the area and call you out of the water, they will wait twenty (20) minutes for the skies to clear. Each instance of lightning or thunder will start that twenty minute clock over. If you decide not to wait until the danger of lightning has passed and you have been at the pool less than two hours, we will gladly provide you with a rain check.