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Daily Fees & Membership Rates

You do not have to be a resident of Columbine Knolls to swim at our pool or play tennis on our courts.  You can pay a daily fee to swim of $4.00 for Residents and $6.00 for Non-Residents.  Residents of Columbine Knolls receive a discount because they pay a mill levy tax assessed to their property. Please see our "Membership Rates" sheet and the "District Map" below to determine if you live inside the red district boundary lines of Columbine Knolls.  Please note: Memberships are not sold online!  Please call (303) 979-5120 or stop in the pool office to purchase a membership.   

The six tennis courts at Marker Park or the two tennis courts at our pool are locked and a key is required for access.  A key can be obtained by purchasing an annual Tennis Key membership.  With any Tennis membership, you will need to stop by our office so that we can give you a numbered key for access to the courts. 

The tennis courts at Clement Park are not locked and open to the public.  

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