Up 沖天救兵

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As you can expect as a product from Pixar, the movie appeals to the kids with colourful animations, funny characters, interesting story and immense laughters.

But the movie is really for grown-ups, not kids!  What appeals to me is the message of persistence.  On the bright side, we are all encouraged to be adventurous to aim far and high, and work persistently to go for our dreams.  As time goes, we inevitably have to face different obstacles in life.  The practical chores of everyday life such as marriage, parenting, house, jobs, aging etc eventually consume your money, youth, energy, health, time... When we reach the old age, the dilemma is whether we should hang on to our old dreams, values and memories, resisting changes in the world around us, which will eventually turn us into a stubborn, lonely and heartless monster.  Or when we realize that utopia is too far, should we let go of the heavy burden of our old dreams and memories, be content with what we have been given in life and embrace the new values currently treasured by the young generation (many of which we may not immediately agree with)?

And it tells rightly that there is no absolute right or wrong. Even the great explorer Charles Muntz was not a bad guy. He was just insisting on fulfilling his own dream - proving that he did not lie about the beast's skeleton. For me, the message is the importance of letting go.  I feel a little sad after watching it (but did not cry). Well, the reminder of letting go will help brighten up the years to come.




August 2009