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Research Interests

Welcome to Chuan-Kai Ho Lab!  The lab studies plant-animal interactions and environmental change.

歡迎參觀本研究室的網站.  本研究室著重於探討植物與動物的關係和環境變遷.

I am interested in basic research in ecology, such as trophic interactions (e.g. plant-herbivore interactions) and their spatial variations across latitude or altitude.  By studying plants, herbivores, predators, and omnivores, my lab has been investigating trophic interactions at both local and geographic scales.
I am also interested in ecological applications, such as assessing the impact of environmental change (e.g. climate change) on plant-animal communities, and applying ecology to conservation or agriculture (e.g. biocontrol).  For example, my lab examines latitude/altitude patterns in plant-animal interactions and underlying mechanisms, and then uses experimental approaches to evaluate the potential impact of climate change (e.g. warming and CO2 elevation) on plant-animal communities in natural systems.  My lab also examines climate change impact on plant-animal communities in agricultural systems.  Finally, my study of marsh restoration applies ecological concepts to facilitate the development of local plant-animal communities, aiming to improve the ecological efficacy of habitat restoration.    

If you are interested in joining the lab, please see the section for Prospective students/postdocs.

如果你對探討生態學有興趣和毅力, 歡迎加入本實驗室, 無須考量個人英文能力!  詳細的資訊請按網頁左邊的 ''Prospective students/postdocs.''