Tier 1 - Core Classroom Instruction

Tier 1:

Core Classroom Instruction

Group Size

Frequency & Time




When does it end?

All students receive high quality, core classroom instruction.  Core classroom instruction includes differentiation, small group and one-on-one work as needed, and regular assessment.



Whole Class

Small Group and 1:1 as needed

Daily Practice



Benchmark assessments

Unit assessments

Formative Assessments


Assess all students every 2 – 6 weeks. 

No formal documentation is needed.

This practice continues for all students all year long.


If students are not meeting standards / making progress move to Tier 2.

Before Moving to Tier 2:

·       Review student file / history.

·       As needed, consult with RTI representative, interventionists, special ed. teacher, classroom teachers, etc. to develop Tier 2 Plan.

·       Contact home.