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Chengji Zhou, PhD, Professor

Research interests. We are
interested in the mechanism and prevention of several common birth defects, such as cleft lip/palate and neural tube defects. We are also interested in stem cells that may hold the key for tissue repair and regeneration.

Teaching experience. Human Neuroanatomy (CHA403 for medical students), Mouse Molecular Genetics (MCB215 critical reading course for BMCDB graduate students), MCB220L (seminar for BMCDB students), CHA199 & CHA299 (special research courses for undergraduate & graduate students or rotation graduate students).

Email: cjzhou (at)
Office phone: 916-453-2268
Lab phone: 916-453-2159

Education and Training

1994-2001      BS, MS, PhD in Biology/Biophysics, Waseda University
              (supervised by Sakae Kikuyama (now Emeritus Professor) and also mentored by Seiji Shioda)

2001-2005      Postdoctoral training in Developmental Neurobiology,  University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)
              (mentored by Sam Pleasure)


2005-             Principal Investigator