Lab members

(Please do not download these pictures for any purposes unless you are the person on the picture. Thank you)

Rebecca Donham, (Sac City), Research Intern

Taylor Imai, B.S. (UC Davis), Research Intern

Jamie Ho, B.S. (UCLA), PhD student, lab rotation

Yu Ji, M.Sci. (Lanzhou University), PhD student, lab rotation

Lessly Sepulveda-Rincon, Ph.D. (University of Nottingham), Postdoctoral Researcher

Sunil Kumar Rai
, Ph.D. (Banaras Hindu University)
, Postdoctoral Researcher

Ran Gu
, Ph.D. (Monash University), Shriners Postdoctoral Fellow

Jane Qian Chen, M.B., part-time SRA

Yongping Wang, M.B. (Tongji Medical University), Ph.D. (Southern Medical University), Scientist

Chengji Zhou
Ph.D. (Waseda University), Professor