Spring 2006


 May 23 - On a lake in Georgia with Kevin and Rachel - Phillip's first boat ride ever!!



Our Back yard -- April 21/06



April 16 - an evening of food, fellowship, and fun with friends (may these good times never end!)


April 14

Thanks for all the cards and gifts sent to me for my Birthday! I had a wonderful day.

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Our Trip to Florida

April 7

On Friday we got up at 5 am and were in the car for the start of this road trip by 6:30. It was a nice sunny day, great for travelling. We made stops only if Phillip needed them. He did really quite well, sleeping a lot of the time.   

We came across this little Church on one of our stops.


The inside of the Church. Complete with stained glass windows, pictures on the wall and guest/prayer book. Looked very cute. Hard to believe.

Yup that's Phillip ringing the bell!

Phillip streching his poor cramped little legs.

We finally made it! We found Jupiter and our hosts' place without much trouble.  It took us 12 long hours of driving but it was all worth it. Here we're showing Uncle Jer the little church we saw. Great to see you again Jer! 

After that hot long ride and unpacking most of our stuff we took a swim in the our hosts' backyard pool. Then we went for a walk around the neighborhood by the lake.  The guys were fishing along the way while we waited the arrival of our hosts. 

Our hosts were a very warm, friendly couple. They made us feel right at home and went out of their way to make sure we had everything we needed. Jer stayed there with us as well since his place was a half an hour from there.

April 8

We spent most of Saturday at the beach. The temprature was in the mid 80's although with the strong wind and clouds later in the day it did feel a little cooler at times.

See all the sand on the blanket that the wind blew on?!

For the remander of the day Jer took us to see West Palm Beach.

City Place, the place to shop in West Palm Beach and only blocks from Jer's house!


This is the building where Jer lives. His appartment is the top two wondows on the right.

That tall apartment building you see in the back of the picture is empty due to hurricanes. There actually are big holes in the sides of the building. In fact according to Jer, a fridge fell out of one of those holes close to the top!


We had a lovely dinner at City Cellar.

 We saw this tree and it's above ground roots on West Palm Island.

April 9

We spent Sunday evening  visiting with our hosts.


April 10

Lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.

April 11

Tuesday morning we left for home - sad.  We sure had a lot of fun though! 

A big thanks to our hosts, the H.'s and Jer for a GREAT time!!