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December 6

On the spur of the moment a few of us decided to drive up to Asheville NC to Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa  where the U.S. National Gingerbread “House” competition was being displayed. The whole thing was open to the public and was free (my favorite word!).

The rule for this competition was that whatever you used had to be edible and non-perishable. Didn't have to taste good mind you. We had so much fun trying to figure out the different things they used.

The whole thing was spectacular, the gingerbread (of course) and the resort!


Santee State Park, SC 

(near Columbia)

During Curt's fall reading break, Dad & Mom V. with all the kids came down and they took us to this beautiful park on Lake Marion.  They stayed in a cabin on land and we stayed with Abby in a smaller cabin on the pier.  It was wonderful!   THANK-YOU DAD & MOM!!!  

Our cabin being right on the pier  meant that Curt  was able to do lots and lots of fishing.  Too bad there weren't many bites to show for it.   : (

Joe and one of his many little friends.

Frying the fish and hamburgers.



 Phillip and his dear Oma


Trip to Washington - visiting Steve, Laurie & kids


 Holly and Phillip.

 We spent a day at the Seattle Zoo.


Thank-you Steve & Laurie for being such wonderful hosts!!

Snapshots of our Summer in Toronto.

We lived in a three bedroom apartment in the basement of this house.

 At Bluffers Park with Mom and Dad.

 Phillip really enjoyed Oma's magnets


Phillip's kind of fun.


  This was a fairwell evening that New Horizons Church had for us just before we left.


We spent half a day in Peterborough seeing the sights while Phillip was babysat by my parents.

This is the world's highest lift locks (although there are only eight in the world).



Our little fisher man. See more pics!

Pictures of Phillip



 Spring 2006



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