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 It's been forever, but it's nice to be back. I added two new pictures, one by Levi, and another by Autumn. Now, Levi's picture does definitely break the rules, but I don't really mind, cause it's Levi. Don't get offended. Kyle is slow and tall, so I'm going to post his unfinished business tomorrow I think. Until then, thanks for stopping by and checking this out. It's been a fun little adventure, I've enjoyed it alot. I hope you guys had fun with it. Project ends Tuesday, May 23rd. It's been fun.

-Christopher Thatcher

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 "Go Home" By Levi Gardner*

*the views expressed in this picture do not represent the views of Christopher Thatcher, twentieth century fox, or it's subsidaries

"The Lonestar's Only Need" By Autumn Jones


"Tour Memories" By Nick Morandi

"Abstract" By Christopher Thatcher

"Vendetta" By Mac McClellan

"Star Trek Explosion" By Nick Morandi

"Frustration" By Nick Morandi

"End of the World with Eyes" By Marissa Weeks

"Self Portrait" By Marissa Weeks

"Aliens" By Mac McClellan

"Last of the Cool Sunshine" By Autumn Jones


 "Stranded" By Autumn Jones

"Super Saiyan 18 Chris" By Molly Critchfield

"Chris Sucks" By Jason Liu


"Chuck Norris'd!!!1!" By Nick Morandi


"Paradise" By Peter Barrett