About CJS

Captain Jeff Saylor is the owner and knife maker for CJS Knives.

What is CJS?

CJS stands for Captain Jeff Saylor. With my last name being Saylor, you can imagine all the nicknames I had growing up. One day someone came up with Captain, and it stuck. I have been Captain ever since. Not everyone calls me Captain, you can call me Jeff also.


About Me

I was born and raised in Hobart Indiana. My family and I moved to Tennessee in 2012 to be closer to my family and because we love the mountain region.
I have been collecting knives since I was a kid. I got my inspiration for making them when I saw some YouTube videos online. At first I begun to just make myself a knife, then friends and family wanted them, then it grew. Now I have an Internet following, as well as selling to coworkers and friends. Its really fun and I really enjoy it.