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Survival Gear


Contents: 22 items - 1.5 ounces 

1 LED flashlight *15 hrs burn time
1 ferrocerium rod *500+ fires
1 razor blade
1 military snare wire 
2 safety pins
1 matchbook 
1 button compass
2 small fish hooks
1 large fish hook 
2 fishing weights
2 fire tinders *petroleum filled cottom balls 
1 large eye sewing needle
1 roll of (20 ft. 30lb. test) braided fishing line
2 water purification tablets *purify 2 liters of H2O 
reflective tape for signaling
1 signal whistle *works in cold and wet conditions
1 black survival band *Seals outside of the container

The EOS kit is available with any knife orders. for more info, or to place an order go to my Contact Page