Course Design Examples

Currently I am teaching one graduate level course in the Graduate School of Education at Kaplan University as well as three courses at a community college: Technology for Teachers, Business Communications, and Emerging Technologies Sophomore Seminar.  The latter two were course development projects completed in Summer 2010. I am completing additional course redesign work for Kaplan University on ET503, Using Technology Applications in the Content Areas. New topics addressed will be the use of Google Applications and cloud computing for K12 teachers.

  • "Emerging Technologies Sophomore Seminar" Ozarks Technical Community College, Springfield MO
    • Design, Develop and Deliver new course offering
    • syllabus
    • course topics include technologies for sharing, collaboration, content creation, communication and networking
  • "Business Communications" Ozarks Technical Community College, Springfield MO
    • Design, Develop and Deliver updated version of course; new textbook adoption
    • syllabus
    • Updates included
      • addition of multimedia including video and podcasts
      • assignments based on actual corporate scenarios
      • business uses of web 2.0 technologies
      • job search strategies and technologies

Course design and development experience at the graduate level includes:
  • "Technology for Adult Educators" National-Louis University, Chicago IL
    • Masters in Adult Education Program, College of Arts and Sciences
    • syllabus
    • My most recent course modification and updates included:
      • redesign of learning modules to utilize new features available. Included all module components within a unit of learning to streamline learner experience
      • included new media, readings, and resources  within unit of learning
      • increasingly utilized strategies for many of the Web 2.0 technologies to insure the course current and relevant, i.e. social bookmarking, webconferencing, podcasting, video clips
      • added a unit on Web 2.0 technologies that included a student research project on an emerging technology (see Web 2.0)
      • added a unit based on my doctoral research "Visual Literacy and the Effective Use of Visuals in Online Learning"
      • utilized webconferencing three times during quarter including student teach-in presentations 
  • "Teaching in the Online Environment" North Carolina State University, Raleigh NC
    • Certification program in eLearning, certificate for community college instructors and Masters for Community College Instructors
    • Adult Education Program in the College of Education
    • syllabus
    • course utilizes a template previously designed for the department. My most recent modifications and updates were:
      • moved the content from an external server to the cms course site and utilized the learning module tool to streamline learner experience
      • updated supplemental articles, readings, and websites and repaired or deleted broken links.
      • created a new unit of learning on Web 2.0 technologies and an assignment for students to research and prepare a team teach-in on assigned technology
      • added Web 2.0 technologies such as videos, podcasts, webconferencing and social bookmarking for the student experience
      • modified unit on Assessment in Online Instruction to include assignment of Reflective Comparison Evaluation Paper on online course rubrics provided in lesson
      • utilized webconferencing once a month for classtime in addition to office hours twice a week