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Introduction to CJSF

CJSF is a campus-community radio station serving the campuses of Simon Fraser University and the surrounding communities.  We seek to present information that is of value to listeners.


Emphasis on information from the local community itself--information that community members might have difficulty finding in other media, and information of importance for sub-communities that are reached by special programmes.  

It is CJSF's policy that informational content should be well researched, and not discriminatory, slanderous or libellous, or inciting of hatred or violence. Informational programming should also be well prepared and presented. Specifically, it should be balanced and provide credit to sources.  
Opinions expressed should be clearly identified as opinions, and supported by factual information (see the CJSF Spoken Word pamphlet for more details).

Here, you will find all of CJSF's important instructional information, such as:

  • IT or Computer Setup Instructions
  • Studio Operation Instructions
  • Miscellaneous information

For more information about CJSF, visit the main page at www.cjsf.ca.

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Jul 4, 2013, 7:43 PM