So what now?

Return on Investment.  That's the promise made by all.  No matter which brand you go with or who you use to implement your BI Software.  It's starting to sound like something out of a horror movie every time you hear it now, because you've got executives and users breathing down your neck and you just can't seem to meet those deadlines!

Luckily this is not always the case, but in many BI Implementations, it is.  Unfortunately, I can not help you get rid of those nightmares, but I can try to help you meet those deadlines.  Whether you're in the beginning phase of implementing your software, halfway through it and need affordable consulting or you need someone to manage your ongoing day to day needs for support and maintenance of your system: I might be able to help.

With more than 10 years of BI Consulting and Management experience, let me assist in whatever BI needs I can so you can start seeing returns on your initial investment.  Design, Development, Maintenance, Configuration - whatever your immediate or ongoing needs - let's help each other achieve our goals.