Big Name! Big Difference! Creative new answers to old problems.

We have a great many opportunities for the future that require mere leadership and organizing ability; not money, so there's no excuse for inaction save a lack of awareness of the opportunity.

We have a few problems most of which can be solved by the diligent work of an enlightened city council.

Most of my proposals do not require funding, or token amounts.  I do not foresee any budgetary constraints and so will be free to spend my time cajoling city council in areas of policy instead of taxes and allocations.

Please lend me your support in this 2011 election and let us see if we can bring a little more life to Nanaimo municipal politics.

Council & Community Issues

It is NOT asking too much to demand general prosperity of your elected officials.  What follows are some reasons for optimism:
  • Demands for re-localization of our economy, food supply.
  • Demands for resiliency of our economy, water & food supply.
  • Innovative tourist attractions.
  • Innovative light industries & commerce.
  • Social outreach, cultural rediscovery & community renaissance.
Together we can push for a brighter more prosperous future, these aspirations are well within our reach.

Interorganizational Issues

The city needs must liaise, negotiate & coordinate with numerous organizations both private & public.  Some long term opportunities involving outside organizations lie in the following fields:
  • Transit
  • Rail
  • Education
  • Research and Development

City Issues

We all wish our elected officials were all we would like the to be but they often fail to rise to the challenge.  The following are areas of concern that have been allowed to embarrass the residents of Nanaimo:
  • Quaint is NOT a good policy for street names.
  • Dangerous five way intersections.
  • Lack of farmers markets and complicating circumstances.
  • Gleaning: frustrated generosity & organization.
  • Urban farming & local food.
  • Dead malls, vacant commercial buildings & minimal hours of operation.

Recent Issues

Some issues are in the news which really shouldn't be, or for which city council couldn't do anything about if they wanted to due to legal, fiduciary or physical constraints.
  • The compensation package provided to the former city manager.
  • Zero based budgeting.
  • Last year the city overtaxed its citizens.
  • Construction of city staff office building.
  • VIHA's demand that a water treatment plant is required.
  • Legibility of the financial statements used by the city.
  • Tax freeze.
  • Our single biggest opportunity for the city of Nanaimo alone.