C. Jonathan Schmitt
Master's Student
Department of Biology and Museum of Southwestern Biology, University of New Mexico
schmitt8 [at] unm.edu
c.jonathan.schmitt [at] gmail.com

I am a Master's student in Dr. Christopher C. Witt's lab in the Department of Biology and Museum of Southwestern Biology at the University of New Mexico. Although I find all birds and facets of their biology fascinating, I'm particularly captivated by neotropical birds and their ecology and evolutionary history. I try to spend copious amounts of time in the neotropics (primarily Peru and to a lesser extent Bolivia) studying avian ecology, evolution, physiology, biogeography, recording bird vocalizations, and collecting specimens for museum-based scientific research. While not in the tropics I enjoy the less-diverse, under-appreciated, yet beautiful birds of my home state of New Mexico.


    All photos copyright C. Jonathan Schmitt