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This site was focused to developing aspects of Input Method Editors (IME) for East Asian languages (CJKV)​​Also on this site you can find database with information about decomposition structure of many CJKV ideographs set included in Unicode standard. The nick of this site author is WERTA. The first steps for developing content of this site were started in so far 2000 year. All materials from this site must distributed as freeware including links to other related pages also authored by WERTA. To create the tables of main CJKV-database information various materials have been used from free-downloaded Input Method Editor (IME) and from free CJKV Electronic Dictionaries. The author of this site is very grateful for all developers for their hard creation of all kinds of hieroglyphic tables used here. And now these tables have been included in the new VBA Macro Input Method Editors (IME) and in the huge CJKV Database developed by WERTA. Enjoy for this software and database!

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