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Little Gifts of Sustainable Contentment ~ One minute daily reflections for cultivating mental, emotional, physical and financial well-being.   

Precious Gifts of Love ~ 366 daily reflections that explore the meaning and miracles of Love.

"Ms. Good's book will unquestionably brighten your soul..." ~~ R.P. (Tokyo, Japan) 

"C.J. Good's elegant writing style feels like poetry or art. She uses her words as an artist would a brush." ~~ A.B. (USA)

"It is an empowering and supportive book to inspire and challenge the reader." ~~ K. S. (Atlanta, GA)

"An oasis of contentment and tranquility amidst the chaos of our lives." ~~ K. S.  (Tallahassee, FL)

"I can think of many people who can benefit greatly from reading this book." ~~ S.L. (New York, NY)

"This lovely book is a treasure and would make an ideal gift for anyone whose spirit yearns for peace." ~~ C.J.S. (Raleigh, NC)

"The book is timeless." ~~ C.S. (Socorro, NM)

"Filled with pearls of insight and wisdom... a great gift book for anyone experiencing transition." ~~ S.K.H. (Parker, CO)

"Uplifting and encouraging." ~~ A.E. (Ireland)

"Once in a great while we discover a book that changes our lives forever." ~~ T.Y.C. (London, England)

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A simple, valuable book that provides a fresh perspective. Whether we are going through major life transitions, are struggling with illness or addictions, or wrestling with upheaval in our personal relationships, this indispensable little guidebook is the companion that will bring contentment to any given situation.

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