WHAT SOME AUTHORS & INDUSTRY REVIEWERS are saying about Cj’s Books!!


I absolutely loved (The Accidental Wife) and could not put it down. It is reminiscent of Outlander, so if you love Diana Gabaldon’s books, you’ll love this one. After reading a short Candy Hearts sweet contemporary "novelette" titled Hot Stuff by Fosdick, I fell in love with this author's storytelling, voice, and style right away.                                                                             Jean M. Grant, author of A Hundred Breaths 

Spellbinding is a term that can be easily applied to the author's writing style. The books are rich in character development, landscape as character, and historic detail. 
                                      Arletta Dawdy, author of Rose of Sharon

About thirty pages from the end The Accidental Wife I started crying. In the course of the story, I’d laughed out loud at phrases like “Bite me, Suzy Homemaker!” and felt a catch of breath at steamy love scenes. I fell in love with the characters and ached at their dilemma. Trust me on this: Cj Fosdick is a helluva writer and this is a helluva story. No, trust yourself. I cannot wait to read the sequel!                                                                                                                                        Laurel Winteauthor of "Growing Wings" a World Fantasy Award winning author 

The time travel elements are done so well, you barely notice as you're pulled along with the plot. Ms. Fosdick also interweaves details in a seamless panorama that leaves you almost breathless.
                                      Cindy Davis, author of A Little Murder.

Cj Fosdick does an exemplary job giving us insight into how a modern-day woman may have dealt with the hardship and unexpected impediments of living in a previous era. She weaves a unique story that incorporates well-developed characters, descriptive scenes, and a nice mix of romance, drama, and mystery. The Accidental Wife is a well-written book that is both entertaining and enlightening.                                                                                                              Florence Osmund, author of "Regarding Anna" 

The Accidental Stranger is part romance and part mystery and both are interwoven beautifully. As a bonus Ms. Fosdick's use of imagery to pull the reader into the book is phenomenal. As one who calls Wyoming my adopted home state, Fosdick wrote Wyoming itself so well I was homesick. Excellent job! CJ is now on my list of "Must Buy" authors for new releases.  Lynda Cox, author of West of Forgotten 

Beautifully Written. Cj Fosdick has turned into a MUST READ author!
                                      April Hollingworth, Ireland author of The Candi Reynolds Series

I love a good double-entendre and the title of this story (Hot Stuff) is just that. Great writing and a healthy dose of humor make this book special. The first-person perspective makes it easy to tumble into this quick read and left me sorry when it ended. I would gladly read (and recommend) more from this author!
                                      Laura Strickland, author of The Guardians of Sherwood Trilogy

I read this enjoyable Time Travel Romance in one sitting, it was so riveting.                                                                                                  Mary Morgan, author, Scottish Warrior Series.

I Really enjoyed The Accidental Wife, especially  the factual and real life events, places and things the author researched that went into the presentation. The feeling was genuine, reading was easy and enjoyable but captured the moments of history and the adventure that unfolded.                                                                                                                   Robert Bradley, author of Bradley’s Letters Sent Home

Love this author's writing style! Ms. Fosdick does an amazing job introducing historical details so they seem real. And I have to say she does about the best job of adding backstory so it keeps the plot moving.
                                      Cindy Davis, author of Final Masquerade

As a fan of historical fiction, I wasn't sure about a story that involved time traveling, but CJ Fosdick pulled it off. I thoroughly enjoyed moving back and forth in time as she juxtaposes her modern day heroine's thoughts and preferences on an 1886 world. How is she to explain her purple crocs, for example, or her lacy black underwear? Yet, with all of this fun going on, her characters face challenges that transcend the centuries, and I found myself rooting for all of them. I especially enjoyed the poignant ending.                                                                                                                 VK Dehlinger, author of “Never Done”

HISTORICAL NOVEL REVIEW MAGAZINE: The Accidental Wife is a story well told ... Fosdick is a talented writer.

KIRKUS REVIEW: "A transporting and satisfying read that offers a fanciful twist on its genre."

InD'tale REVIEW: "Well written and skillfully done.The Accidental Stranger is a page turner well worth reading!”  (A finalist for InD’tale’s 2018 Rone Award)

UNCAGED BOOK REVIEWS by Jennifer: The Accidental Wife is the first book in the Accidental series. The storyline was well written and thought out. A must read for fans of Time Travel Romance.

AS YOU WISH REVIEW by Gloria Herrera: An amazing story unfolds in The Accidental Wife!  You will not want to put it down! I am still reeling from it!  Normally, I do not read westerns, or fantasy, but was intrigued by the unique plotline—which surpassed all expectations. Well written, full of introspection and unforgettable characters, a love story and a glimpse of life for Wyoming settlers. The part-Sioux protagonist is the most adorable and intense man I have read in a long time. I recommend this book for all. .      

AS YOU WISH REVIEWS by Gloria:: Do not miss reading The Accidental Stranger! How Robbie and Jessica eventually coincide in the same century is a story you will not soon forget. This is a love story, history, & an emotional diary of what Fate might bring to a few, uniting soulmates that deserve to be together.

NETGALLEY REVIEW by Dawn: Suspense and romance to solve a mystery of potential time traveler and her heart's love. This is the first book I've read by this author and found out that it is actually the second in the series. Will be looking for the first book to read. Interesting characters and story line.

GOODREADS: Couldn't put it down! From the first page to the last I was hooked. It helped spark my interest in Wyoming history. I can't wait to read the next book!   Jen Querry, Wyoming Nurse

OKLAHOMA REVIEWER M.R. Whitman: Time warp redefined! How in the world could Cj Fosdick make a time warp of better than a century work? Brilliantly! Heroine Jessica Brewster, single, unattached, voluntary 'spinster' trades places with her nearly identical great-great-grandmother, who just happens to be very married,very skilled at frontier life, and a mother to boot. The pace of the story was perfect.       

VORACIOUS READER REVIEW: The Accidental Wife is really a Must Read! Words can't express how much I enjoyed this book! I stayed up until 4 am because I wanted to finish it that badly, then ended up hating the fact that the read was over. This is a huge book, and I devoured it. 

ECLECTIC MILITARY READER: Wow! I greatly enjoyed reading The Accidental Wife. I'm an eclectic reader of mostly. I expected to be most interested in the historical backstory of Fort Laramie and its environs, but was also quickly captivated by the drama. Two of my favorite novels are Mathesons's Somewhere in Time and Robert Nathan's Portrait of Jennie, both also revolving around the vagaries and ephemeral aspects of time and space. The Accidental Wife assuredly ranks with these best-selling tomes.
                        Ret. Col. Howard (Tip) Hansen

AVID READER REVIEW: Much more than a time travel story. Rich with characters that are faced with conflicts within themselves…Fosdick weaves a story that makes the reader come to understand the transformative power of love. I loved this spunky heroine and her journey across generations.                                                                                                                 Lindy Hankel, MD

UNCAGED REVIEW: The Accidental Stranger is set where The Accidental Wife left off…a mysterious green-eyed stranger turns up in the 21st century. The mystery and twists of storytelling are a’plenty in this book…Makes me wish I had a magical teacup that could make me time travel!  

NETGALLEY REVIEW by Barb:  I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it.

GOODREADS: The writing style made this book so much fun to read. The flow of each chapter…and the character development was wonderful.  by Stephanie Moore

AVID READER REVIEW: Both Accidentals are feel good reads with a page turner edge!   Kay Sargent