HISTORICAL NOVEL REVIEW MAGAZINE: Issue #75, Feb. 2016 by Diane Scott Lewis
Frontier life and homes are well described, as is the Wyoming scenery ... the story is well told ... Fosdick is a talented writer.

FIVE STARS--January 18, 2016--from Amazon
M.R. Whitman~Oklahoma reviewed The Accidental Wife
Time warp redefined! Upon speaking with this author in an online forum today, my curiosity was piqued.
How in the world could Cj Fosdick make a time warp of better than a century work? Brilliantly! Heroine Jessica 
Brewster, single, unattached, voluntary 'spinster' trades places with her nearly identical great-great-grandmother, 
who just happens to be very married,very skilled at frontier life, and a mother to boot. The pace of the story was perfect.

FOUR STARS...Janie D reviewed The Accidental Wife
Accidental Wife January 11, 2016
Good time travel story. Jessica accidentally travels from 2011 to 1880's. She spends 4 months in the Wyoming 
territory by switching places with her great grandmother. This was a nice story that held my interest throughout the entire book.

FIVE STARS...Robert Bradley reviewed The Accidental Wife
Really enjoyable January 11, 2016
I really liked the factual and real life events of places and things the author tells and some real research went into
that presentation and the feeling was genuine, reading was easy and enjoyable but captured the moments of history 
and the adventure that unfolded

FIVE STARS...Voracious Reader reviewed The Accidental Wife
This really is a must read! December 16, 2015
I saw this book on Fire and Ice Book Promos and the blurb really interested me, so much so I ended up buying the 
book yesterday. Words can't express how much I enjoyed this read! I ended up staying up until 4 am this morning because 
I wanted to finish it that badly, then I ended up hating the fact that the read was over. This is a huge book, and I devoured it. 

FIVE STARS- Dec. 10, 2015 from Amazon
I loved this book. I know CJ but this did not influence my review. I started reading it on a flight back to MN from AZ. 
I got about halfway through, and didn't have time to continue until several days later on my flight back. 
I couldn't wait to read the rest of the book, and find out how it all turned out. I cried and laughed out loud at various times.
The characters became so real to me. I highly recommend this wonderful story, and look forward to more.
By Ramona Joy

FIVE STARS - Nov. 28, 2015  from Amazon
Enjoyable Time Travel, By Mary M.
This review is from: The Accidental Wife (Kindle Edition)I enjoyed this book very much.
A romance novel and time travel. I read it in one sitting: it was so riveting.
FOUR STARS - Sept. 26, 2015   from Goodreads    ByStephanie Moore
I really enjoyed reading this very interesting book. The writing style made this book so much fun to read. I feel as if the way 
that each chapter flowed made this read very intriguing. The character development was wonderful. 
FIVE STARS - Sept. 21, 2015 
I loved this book!  By Sharon Michelfelder
I am an avid historical adventure reader and loved the way that CJ Fosdick provided glimpses into the reality of living in the
late 1800"s. The characters were so strongly written that I have found myself thinking about them as real people. 
I can not wait to read the sequel to this book. Hurry up CJ and give us more! 
FOUR STARS- Sept. 3, 2015 from Amazon   By Paula Daniels 
I liked the "substitution" of lives and the experience the main character had. Hope to find a continuing story if there is one.

FOUR STARS - Sept. 1, 2015 from Amazon   By Love to Read
If you love time travel you will love "The Accidental Wife"! ILoved this book! It combines two of my favorite themes, 
time travel and history. I read it in one day. Hoping for a sequel.  
FOUR STARS - Aug. 25, 2015  from Amazon  By  N.J. 
 A FUN READ!  I really liked this book. I became very engaged with the characters. An entertaining read - I didn't want it to end!

FIVE STARS - 8/16/15 from Goodreads Reviewer
Couldn't put it down! From the first page to the last I was hooked. 
It helped spark my interest in Wyoming history. I can't wait to read the next book!
Jen Querry, Goodreads Personal email   6/24/15
Hi Carol…read your book..  very well done --- lots of very factual details of the time ---- flows nicely and you 
want to move quickly for the results so couldn’t put it down for long - -- keep up the good work ---- always gets better.
Best regards, Bob Bradley, great grandson of Gen. Luther P. Bradley, CO of Ft. Laramie, 1874-76

FIVE STARS - 6/23/15

Cj Fosdick does an exemplary job giving us insight into how a modern-day woman may have dealt with the 

hardship and unexpected impediments of living in a previous era. She weaves a unique story that incorporates 

well-developed characters, descriptive scenes, and a nice mix of romance, drama, and mystery. The Accidental Wife 

is a well-written book that is both entertaining and enlightening.

Florence Osmund, author of "Regarding Anna"


FOUR STARS - 6/23/15  Goodreads Review

I love time travel novels. CJ Fosdick's "The Accidental Wife" stands on it's own two feet. Part mystery, part romance 
it is written with a style all it's own. Every chapter is an incredible journey. Jessica finds herself sent back in time 
living her great grandmothers life. A husband and a child depend on her. She is torn about how to handle things as 
she begins to have feelings for her grandmother's husband, Mitch. He is not her ancestor, as her GGmother had 
married 3 times in her lifetime. My only "dangit" was the cliffhanger at end. I had not realized going in that this was 
not a stand alone book. While I look forward to reading the sequel I can only hope it does not end in a cliffhanger as well. 
Teresa Travnichek, Goodreads Reviewer

FIVE STARS--6/8/15       
Wow! I greatly enjoyed reading *The Accidental Wife.* I'm an eclectic reader, but mostly of non-fiction. I began this 
wonderful book, therefore, expecting to be most interested in the historical backstory of Fort Laramie and its environs. 
While I certainly enjoyed the factual background I was nonetheless quickly captivated by the drama of Jessica and 
Jessamine. While reading the book I was conflicted about Jessica Brewster's relationships with Mitch and Tallie, never sure how I wanted the engaging story to develop. It did not disappoint. Two of my favorite novels are Richard Mathesons's *Somewhere in Time* and Robert Nathan's *Portrait of Jennie,* both also revolving around the vagaries and ephemeral aspects of time and space. *The Accidental Wife* assuredly ranks with these best-selling tomes. 
Ret. Col. Howard (Tip) Hansen

FIVE STARS--4/30/15    Something For Everyone!
This review is from: The Accidental Wife (Kindle Edition)  
Cj Fosdick’s The Accidental Wife has something for everyone!  There is a little bit of everything hitting almost all the genres with 
her very easy to read writing and can’t-put-down story line draw. The characters Cj has created were very easy to become quickly 
invested in, and immediately I fell in love with them. I found myself unable to put the book down, and the story line stayed on my mind 
when I was not reading it. The Accidental Wife had everything I look for in a good book and I highly recommend it to anyone who 
enjoys an easy read with action, romance, drama, comedy, and a little bit of mystery. Your heart will be drawn to its characters, and 
you will find yourself wanting to keep reading to find out what sort adventures Jessica will find herself in as she will continues to wade 
her way through a time that is not her own. I cannot wait for the sequel!
Stacy Hanson

FIVE STARS--4/14/15   
As a fan of historical fiction, I wasn't sure about a story that involved time traveling, but CJ Fosdick pulled it off. I 
thoroughly enjoyed moving back and forth in time as she juxtaposes her modern day heroine's thoughts and 
preferences on an 1886 world. How is she to explain her purple crocs, for example, or her lacy black underwear? 
Yet, with all of this fun going on, her characters face challenges that transcend the centuries, and I found myself 
rooting for all of them. I especially enjoyed the poignant ending.

FIVE STARS--4/14/15 
Wow! What a great read C. J. Fosdick wove using her creative ability to bring the characters to life with trials and tribulations 
sprinkled with love and humor throughout her book, The Accidental Wife. I couldn't put it down. I laughed. I cried. And was torn 
by Jessica's dilemma. I absolutely cannot wait for the sequel, The Accidental Stranger.
Beverly Mayer

FIVE STARS--4/14/15  
As I started reading I had to ask my self some questions. Is it a dream? Is it deja vu? How can someone become two people in different lifetimes and have the same feelings? The story of two Jesses will fascinate you, question you, and mesmerize you. Fantastic descriptive details places you in the scenarios of this historical novel. Secrets and lies, but no video tape. Love found, but to what end? A feel good 
read with a page turner edge.
Kay Sargent

FIVE STARS--4/13/15   
The accidental Wife by CJ Fosdick is such an interesting read. I loved it. The characters are so real and the era like I lived there 
myself. Fosdick has a descriptive talent that brings you into the story by sights and smells and personalities you would like to meet. 
I'm waiting for the sequel.
Audrey Lidke, Horses & Heroes

FIVE STARS--4/6/15  
Once I started reading The Accidental Wife, I couldn’t put it down. I felt a connection with Jess immediately. I loved reading 
how she acclimated to her strange surroundings and as a teacher, myself, connected with her desire to teach the two 
young girls around her. After reading the last few pages, I was happy to see there will be a sequel. The characters...and 
the mystery in the storyline beg for an encore.
Kris Guy, 3rd Gr. Teacher


FIVE STARS --3/26/15    
I  thoroughly enjoyed The Accidental Wife. I must admit I do not read a lot of this genre but on my wife's recommendation I started 
The Accidental Wife and could not put it down. Jess and Mitch are great characters and CJ had me debating Jess' dilemmas, cheering her achievements and happy for her joys, CJ definitely brings the reader into the story. Needless to say my wife and I are still on good 
terms and I absolutely would recommend The Accidental Wife. 
Tyler Scott
FIVE STARS--3/1/15   
On a ski vacation, I found it hard to put this page turner down to ski--or pack up to leave. I loved all the characters, 
especially Mitch and Jess. I was so emotionally involved, I found myself laughing, crying, even biting my nails at the 
suspenseful parts of the story. I also learned a lot from all the historic references. Can't wait for the sequel!!
T.M. Johnson

FIVE STARS--2/25/15  
Being an avid reader, I found The Accident Wife to be much more than a time travel story. Rich with characters that 
are faced with conflicts within themselves, I found myself also conflicted by their situation. Fosdick weaves a story 
that makes the reader come to understand the transformative power of love. Fosdick’s development of a heroine who 
is mix of both a modern and pioneer woman is filled with emotion, and I grew to love this spunky woman and her 
journey across the generations the story lies within. The struggles the family face on their homestead are true to the era. 
I look forward to hearing more from C.J. Fosdick.
Lindy Hankel MD
Date Added: 02/25/2015 by lindy hankel                             

FIVE STARS--2/18/15
"About thirty pages from the end The Accidental Wife I started crying.  In the course of the story, I’d laughed out loud at phrases like 
“Bite me,  Suzy Homemaker!” and felt a catch of breath at steamy love scenes. I fell  in love with the characters and ached at their 
dilemma. Trust me on this: Cj Fosdick is a helluva writer and this is a helluva story. No, trust yourself.  I cannot wait to read the sequel!"
Laurel Winter....  author of "Growing Wings" winner of a World Fantasy Award for “Sky Eyes,”  and the McKnight Artist Fellowship 
for "Do Not Attempt This at School"

The Accidental Stranger
Cj Fosdick
Time Travel/Suspense

Jessica Brewster is being watched…and things go missing from the remote Wyoming home she shares with her toddler. In a freak accident,
she shoots the bearded thief stalking her before she recognizes the mesmerizing green eyes that belong to the only man she ever loved.

Has Mitch bridged time to find her? In a race to save his life and change hers forever, she takes him into her home and heart. But his memory loss and puzzling clues curry doubt and expose mystery and danger. Is he truly her son’s father or an irresistible stranger in her arms?

Uncaged Review: Set where the accidental wife left off we’re back with Jessica and her son. This time it’s a mysterious green-eyed stranger
who turns up in the 21st century. Jessica thinks it’s Mitch. The mystery and twists of storytelling are a plenty in this book. 

The author really likes to keep us guessing until the very end. It was an enjoyable read. Makes me wish I had a magical teacup that
could make me time travel. Book three coming soon. Reviewed by Jennifer   
5 Stars