These are recipes from my novels and are based on actual recipes from days gone bye.

Jessica’s 1886 Chocolate Chippers                                    

Since Chocolate chips were not invented until 1937,
time-traveler Jessica Brewster in “The Accidental Wife”
improvises this recipe found in her ancestor’s 1886 cookbook!

1 c. butter                               Add ingredients in order,
1 ½ c. sugar                            creaming lst two. Break up
3 eggs                                     chocolate bars into about
½ t. baking soda dissolved        half the size of a fingernail
   in a little warm water             & fold in. Refrigerate  dough.                                                  
2 ½ c. flour                              Bake about 10 min.@350 on
Few drops of vanilla,                 parchment paper til edges brown. 
Pinch of salt, nutmeg
3 or more chocolate bars  (raisins optional )


Jessica’s Chocolate Kisses 

This recipe comes from a Wisconsin Electric Co. Christmas Cooky Book—
showing perfectly coiffed cooks wearing dresses, aprons, nylons and heels--about 70 yrs. ago? Mmmm.

3 egg whites          1 c. blanched, ground almonds
1 T. vinegar           4 squares ground baking chocolate
¼ t. salt                1 c. melted chocolate chips or bark
1 c. sugar              ½  c. finely chopped nuts of choice
1 t. vanilla              

 Beat egg whites with vinegar & salt til soft peaks form. Gradually
add sugar & beat until stiff & glossy. Add vanilla, fold in almonds &
ground chocolate. Drop teaspoonfuls onto parchment or greased
cookie sheet, forming oval shapes. Bake at 250 degrees 30 minutes;
cool. Dip half of cookie into melted chocolate & sprinkle with nuts.
Store in covered container.  Makes 7-8 dozen.

Chapter 45 in “The Accidental Stranger”  features this melt-in mouth cooky--
involved in a little romantic ‘horseplay’ as Jessica prepares for Christmas in her
contemporary Wyoming kitchen.