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Safety Articles

As we begin any ice-boating season, there are a few items that should be foremost in our minds.  These always bear repeating even though they seem so obvious.

·         Never sail alone – always sail with another boat and watch out for each other.

·         Always ask about ice conditions – our group does a very good job of marking areas where there is open water, thin spots or pressure ridges.

·         Always wear your spikes on the ice even in the launch area – a bad fall can ruin a season very quickly.

·         Help each other – lend a hand with those who are moving their boats on or off the ice.  Also, offer to help a newcomer on set-up, runner alignment, safety and sharpening.  We all learn from others – pass it along!

·         Brief yourself on the rules – many know these by heart, others need a refresher or a quick study before going out onto the ice in traffic.  Never assume that the other guy in traffic knows the rules – they may not.

·         Keep the launch ramp and ice path directly in front of it free of boats, trailers and equipment.  Speak-up if someone “blocks the box”!

·         Build interest in your fleet – High Rig, Low Rig, Two Seater, Nite and DN.  This added communication is very valuable as it relates to racing, travel plans etc.

The last several seasons have been very poor – be prepared to travel.  Yes, we all like to sail at Bantam, but there are times when we have to travel to find ice rather than sitting at home on the couch.

Be sure to check out our web site and Facebook Group page specifically for CIYC members.  We will be using e-mail as well as the Facebook Group page for day to day announcements on ice conditions, travel plans and events.

Be safe!  We’ll see you on the ice!