Message From The Commodore

Commodore’s notes...

As we begin any ice-boating season, there are a few items that should be foremost in our minds.  These always bear repeating even though they seem so obvious.

·         Never sail alone – always sail with another boat and watch out for each other.

·         Always ask about ice conditions – our group does a very good job of marking areas where there is open water, thin spots or pressure ridges.

·         Always wear your spikes on the ice even in the launch area – a bad fall can ruin a season very quickly.

·         Help each other – lend a hand with those who are moving their boats on or off the ice.  Also, offer to help a newcomer on set-up, runner alignment, safety and sharpening.  We all learn from others – pass it along!

·         Brief yourself on the rules – many know these by heart, others need a refresher or a quick study before going out onto the ice in traffic.  Never assume that the other guy in traffic knows the rules – they may not.

·         Keep the launch ramp and ice path directly in front of it free of boats, trailers and equipment.  Speak-up if someone “blocks the box”!

·         Build interest in your fleet – High Rig, Low Rig, Two Seater, Nite and DN.  This added communication is very valuable as it relates to racing, travel plans etc.

The last several seasons have been very poor – be prepared to travel.  Yes, we all like to sail at Bantam, but there are times when we have to travel to find ice rather than sitting at home on the couch.

Be sure to check out our web site and Facebook Group page specifically for CIYC members.  We will be using e-mail as well as the Facebook Group page for day to day announcements on ice conditions, travel plans and events.

Be safe!  We’ll see you on the ice!

Please see Swap Meet page, long time member Dave Townsend has put his Yankee "Northwind" up for sale! 

Kolodej Fundraiser - CIYC

Hi, this is George Neyssen, Secretary-Treasurer of the Connecticut Ice Yacht Club at Bantam Lake. The purpose of this campaign is to raise funds to support a friend in need.  In early November, Joe Kolodej was doing some welding in a boat and there was an explosion, which caused serious injury to his dominant right arm and hand. In brief, his right hand and arm was extremely damaged and he will not know for quite a while if he will be able to use it again. He has had 3 surgeries and extensive skin grafts among other issues. After a week, Joe is home from the Yale/New Haven Hospital recovering. His business, Marine Fabricators, at Brewers Marina in Branford is now closed as he is the sole proprietor and operator. He is a gifted metal worker specializing in quality yacht metalwork and one of the nicest persons you could ever hope to know.

He is happy to be alive but obviously is worried about the future. The boat he was working on was a 42 foot yacht and there was damage done to it as well. He says he has both liability and medical insurance and a good lawyer but will now find out how good as he’s expecting a law suit will follow. The police have been involved and are still investigating the accident. He said he was told the boat had been vented before he went on-board to do some welding below deck. What followed after the explosion is too gruesome to put in print.

Joe has been a member of the Iceboating community since the mid 1970's, as well as an avid soft water sailor and racer since I have known him.

I have initiated this campaign as a representative of the CIYC Board of Directors.  We are asking for your support to ease his mind in this uncertain phase of his life, due to this injury, which will leave him permanently disabled and unable to work. We appreciate anything you could contribute to help Joe out in his time of need. Please click on the link below to donate.  

Click link above


Al Horracks still walking on water at 75! 
This is great exercise for those DN ab muscles. 


Mike Acebo and the guys put on a nice
 showing this past weekend.

We are saddened to announce that
 Past Commodore Tony Bosco Sr. has passed away
 on Sunday July 12th, 2015.