Devoted to the M.U. Civil Engineering Class of 1967

The Annual Reunion Dinners of the Final Year 1967, Civil Engineering Alumni, Melbourne University

[Photo of the 1967 Civils, 500 kB]

The 1967 Civil Engineers Class, with lecturers.
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Here is a list of the sixty-six men who might attend a reunion dinner, including some with whom we have lost touch.

Click Here for a photo (by the late Paul Mosig) of Prof Francis (1914-2008) lecturing in May, 1967. (Notice the old class-room technology.)

The Cranks and Nuts Rogues' Gallery for 1967, click Here.


Jim McMeckan died in Melbourne on 10 February 2018, of mesothelioma. See condolences Here, and Here, and leave condolences Here. There will be celebration (a "shindig" in Jim's words) at Basils Farm on 25 February.

Paul Mosig died in Daylesford on 30 October 2017, of liver cancer. See his death notice Here

Leigh Proudfoot died in San Diego, California, on 30 May 2015. His condolence page is Here.

Brian Logan died on 6 October 2013. His obits are Here, and Here.

Alex Kouzmin died at home, in northern NSW, on 8 May, 2011. Read a tribute to him Here and add your memories of him Here.

Keith Graham Madden died (suddenly) in New Zealand on 28 June 2010. Read his death notice Here.

I have heard that one other of our company has also died:
C Y T (Terry) Wong.

The Dinners

David Jay is organising the 51st Dinner (or rather Lunch), following a morning of golf, at the Riversdale Club, Mt. Waverley, on Friday, November 9, 2018.

Peter Balfe was the chairman for the Fiftieth Dinner on the 17th of November, 2017, at University House. He distributed a Commemorative Booklet, now available Here.

The 49th (2016) dinner was held on Friday the 28th of October at the Kooyong Tennis Club. Ken Ogden was the chairman. Len Stevens was the guest of honour.
18 apologies Here.

The 48th (2015) dinner was held on Friday the 23rd of October at the Kooyong Tennis Club. John Noonan and Peter Gill were the chairmen. Read Notes of the evening Here.

What are people up to (2015)? Here.

The 47th (2014) dinner was held on Friday the 31st of October at the Kelvin Club in the city. Jason Whyte was the chairman.

The 46th (2013) dinner was held on Friday, 1 November, 2013, at Morton's, 166 Rathdown Street, Carlton. Details Here. Rob Hutchings,, was the chairman. Read his notes Here.

The 45th (2012) dinner was held on the Friday after the Melbourne Cup, on Friday, 9 November, 2012. Sixteen men attended.

What are people up to (2012)? Here.

John Smith has suggested a quiz on our memories for the night:
What was your most memorable lecture at Uni?

  • John Smith: Peter Ryan's first maths lecture in first year. When he pretended to be the guy clearing the black board and asked us questions on maths, finally it dawned on us, which took a while, that he was the maths lecturer. You cannot get that sort of performance from an on-line lecture.
  • Robert Marks: Probably Dr Syer's lying down during Eng Maths IV lectures -- he was sick and gave us his wife's phone number to ring if he fainted.

The 44th (2011) dinner was organised by Ron Clarkson. Read his notes Here.

The Chairman's Cup

A list of the chairmen since 1968.


A special treat: the May 1962 edition of Argus Tuft's masterpiece, the S.C.I.I.A.E.S. Censored Songbook, 70 pp. (Parental discretion suggested: language.) Download the compressed file (19 MB) Here.

PJB reports on SCIIAES in Cranks and Nuts 1966, Page 1 and Page 2.

PJB's Bachelor of Imbibition testamur (19.ix.1966).

A link to 1861-2011: Stories from the Melbourne School of Engineering Here.

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