Rick Steves' Best of Europe in 14 Days
May 10-26, 2007


 Bayeux, Normandy Beaches

Tour Schedule

Paris: Day 1, Day 2


Lauterbrunnen Valley: Day 1, Day 2

Reutte:Day 1, Day 2

Venice: Day 1, Day 2

Tuscany: Day 1, Day 2

Rome: Day 1, Day 2


This was a trip of a life time. I have wanted to see Europe for years and after only 6 months of marriage my wonderful husband offered to make my dream come true. We watch Rick Steves' show on PBS and felt like this tour would be the perfect balance to see lots of sights and learn more about different cultures. We were right, we had a fabulous time!  We enjoyed every minute and now I am dreaming about more European travel!

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