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Civics First Comedy Night and Silent Auction
Civics First will be hosting a comedy night, silent auction fundraiser for the National Mock Trial competition funding on April 18th at 7 p.m. at the LoRICCO Tower in New Haven. Tickets may be purchased here or by check. See below for details.
2015 High School Forensics Crime Scene Investigation Competition will be May 27th at 9 a.m. at the Hartford Public Library. Click here to register.
Congratulations to Weston Middle School, 2015 Middle School Mock Trial State Champions!
Congratulations to The Academy of Information, Technology and Engineering, 2015 High School Debate State Champions and our Top Speaker Stephanie Walsh!
Congratulations to Weston High School, 2015 High School Mock Trial State Champions! Congratulations to Jack Seigenthaler of Weston High School, winner of the 2015 Best Mocker Award chosen by the CT Supreme Court Justices!

2015 Middle School Debate
April 23rd at John Winthrop Middle School, Deep River and April 27th in Greenwich.
Topic: Resolved: That the United States should implement travel restrictions to and from countries impacted by deadly infectious diseases.
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We are very excited to announce that we will be hosting the 2017 National High School Mock Trial Competition in Hartford!

Congratulations 2014 We the People Champions
 Trumbull School
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2014 Constitution Day Winners-Congratulations!
Grades K-2: 
1.  Nora Ovanessian - St. Joseph School, Brookfield
2.  Chloe Adams -  St. Joseph School, Brookfield
3.  Nicholas Ferreira - St. Joseph School, Brookfield
Grades 3 - 5:
1.  Ayanna Tavares -  Jumoke Academy at the Hartford Conservatory, Hartford
2.  Julia Irvine - Preston Veterans' Memorial School, Preston
3. Zachary Robinson - Preston Veterans' Memorial School, Preston
Grades 6 - 8:
 1. Pamela Engelhart - Our Lady of Mercy School, Madison
2.  Rahul Bhagwani- Bethel Middle School, Bethel
3. Aileen Zheng - Bethel Middle School, Bethel
High School:
1.  Joseph Peters - Greenwich High School, Greenwich
2.  Alexandra Maloney - Greenwich High School, Greenwich
3.  Isabel Baird - Greenwich High School, Greenwich

2014-2015 High School Mock Trial Case Materials

 Finals will be at the CT Supreme Court March 4th.
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 ** Please note: New Stipulation: Exhibit A dates should be converted as follows: 2006 becomes 2014 and backwards from there so 2005=2013, 2004=2012, 2003=2011, etc.** 

We the People is now available as an enhanced Ebook! 
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