This is a sample list of the kinds of Web resources with interactive and multimedia features that students can find and use in the study of civics and government.  Students can create a collaborative list of sites, such as this, as they work on a project based activity on civic literacy. See also the video and mobile links in the left menu for more resources.
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SourceWebsiteResource type
SourceWebsiteResource type
270 to Win 2008 Presidential Election Interactive Map & History of the Electoral College Interactive 
AEI - Civics 2.0 Citizenship Education for a New Generation American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research Civic Literacy Information Interactives 
Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools Civic Literacy Information 
Center for Civic Education Center for Civic Education Interactive 
Partnership for 21st Century Skills Civic Literacy Civic Literacy Information Website 
C-SPAN C-SPAN Classroom Interactive 
C-SPAN C-SPAN Classroom Deliberations Interactive 
C-SPAN Multimedia 
C-SPAN C-SPAN's Facebook Page Interactive 
C-SPAN C-SPAN Video Library Interactive 
The National Archives Educators & Students Interactive 
Cable in the Classroom eLECTIONS: Your Adventure in Politics Interactive 
Annenburg Public Policy Center Interactive 
Annenburg Public Policy Center Interactive 
Google - Politics & Elections 2012 Google's 2012 Election Site Interactive 
Deliberations Interactive 
National Constitution Center Interactive Constitution Interactive 
NPR & The New York Times Learning Network Justice Learning Interactive 
PBS Teachers Lesson Search - Politics Search Results Information 
Center for Future Civic Media MIT World - Center for Future Civic Media Video 
National Constitution Center National Constitution Day Interactive 
National Student/Parent Mock Election National Student/Parent Mock Election Interactive 
New York Times On the Stump: Examining the Form and Function of Campaign Speeches Website 
Open Secrets - Center for Responsive Politics Interactive 
iCivics Our Courts Interactive 
Our Documents Interactive 
Center for Civic Education Project Citizen Interactive 
Rock the Vote Rock the Vote Interactive 
Education Week Scholars Put Civics in Same Category as Literacy, Math Civic Literacy Information 
U.S. Government Interactive 
The Wall Street Journal Songs for Campaign Seasons Past and Present Interactive 
C-SPAN Students & Leaders Multimedia 
Annenburg Public Policy Center Student Voices Interactive 
New York Times The Learning Network Interactive 
Museum of the Moving Image The Living Room Candidate Multimedia 
Museum of The Moviing Image The Living Room Candidate Interactive 
Library of Congress Thomas Interactive 
PBS Teachers Understanding the Impact of Online Communities on Civic Engagement Article 
League of Women Voters Interactive 
Credo Voter Registration Widget Interactive 
University of Virginia Center for Politics Youth Leadership Initiative Interactive 
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